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When choosing a new radiator for your 4×4 vehicle, we consider the expected driving conditions as well as any engine modifications. Our experts may suggest a variety of options for improving cooling efficiency. A radiator can be configured with more rows or upgraded to a complete alloy performance radiator for added cooling. Modern vehicles can be fitted with aftermarket and OE plastic aluminium radiators.
Even if the initial radiator has a different structure, copper brass re-cores and full assembly replacement radiators are available. 4×4 vehicles can be equipped with the best-in-the-class, brass core radiators to help them overcome corrosive conditions.
A cooling system flush will be performed until the new radiator is installed to clear the old coolant and remaining loose debris. New hoses and clamps can be required at the time of installation. The cooling system will be filled with a high-quality corrosion inhibitor once the installation is finished.