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Is your vehicle’s air conditioning system tepid throwing hot air rather than a cooling impact? You must be melting in this brutal Aussie heat! Don’t suffer through another scorching summer – get that AC system fixed up by the air conditioning repair experts at Strath Pine Rads. We’re the auto air conditioning repair masters who can diagnose and revive any ailing AC, whether it is got a minor refrigerant leak or totally dead compressor.

Car aircon specialist to bring your vehicle to our shop

Our talented vehicles aircon experts will investigate the hood (and dashboard). They will completely assess every one of the key parts like the blower, condenser, evaporator, and refrigerant lines to make quick assessment of what is keeping that invigorating cold air from streaming. Have you seen out of control scents, feeble wind current, or dampness misting up the lodge? Those are usually textbook signs needed ASAP. A leaky refrigerant line or faulty electrical part is often the root cause.

We nail down the problem as car air conditioning specialist

You can count on us to make it right by repairing or replacing any worn or busted AC components. Our mechanics use the latest recovery and recharging equipment to properly evacuate and refill your system with the exact type and amount of refrigerant for your specific vehicle. This crucial step ensures you get maximum cooling power and efficiency from that auto ac repair. We’ll also swap out receiver/drier filters and top up the compressor oil to get everything back in mint condition.

Why wait for our auto AC repair until your whole system craps out to act?

Preventative maintenance is key for long-lasting, reliable air conditioning performance. Let our team decontaminate your entire AC system by flushing out built-up gunk, moisture, and pesky air pockets that wreak havoc. After a deep inner cleaning, we’ll recharge with fresh oil and refrigerant for peak efficiency. An annual service to check all components and top off refrigerant levels is a smart move too.

Our automotive air conditioning repair mechanics quickly diagnose the issue

At the very first sign of weak airflow, odd noises, or bizarre smells wafting from your vents, don’t delay – get your ride over to Strath Pine Rads by giving us a call on 07 3205 2969 or by emailing us at right away for professional air conditioning repair services. We will find out what’s going on and get you back to driving in blissful, chilled comfort in no time flat with Strath Pine Rad Services!