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Is that temperature measurement on your vehicle’s dashboard crawling higher once more? Or you are seeing a growing puddle of green coolant gathering under your vehicle while left in the garage or a shed. If both these situations sound recognisable, your radiator has most likely gotten a leak and it is inevitable before your engine warms up to a boiling point, leaving you abandoned. Overlooking car radiator repair issues is essentially like playing car Russian roulette!

First signs of any car radiator fixes

This includes the likes of rising temperature readings, a low coolant light, steam billowing out from under the hood, or that telltale sweet odour, do not try toughing it out. Get your vehicle over to the cooling system pros at Strath Pine Rads right away! Our ASE Certified technicians are car radiator specialists who can quickly and accurately diagnose any underlying radiator or cooling issues through pressure testing, dye leak detection, and other proven diagnostic methods.

Carefully walk you through the findings of car radiator

We check through all your options for proper radiator repairs. Depending on the severity, that could mean anything from a basic radiator flush to clear out built-up debris and scale, all the way up to a complete radiator core replacement or new radiator installation tailored for your vehicle’s make and model.

Engine's cooling system requires consistent car radiator fixes

We want to keep the cooling systems operating in peak condition over the long haul. That factory-fill engine coolant gets contaminated and depleted over time, losing its ability to effectively transfer heat. That is why we always recommend an annual coolant flush and refill service using precise coolant type for your specific vehicle.

Our car radiator mechanics keep a close eye with cooling system

We look for wear and tear leading to future issues. Cracked hoses, leaky water pumps, sticky thermostats – any of those small problems can spiral into much bigger damage and repair costs if left unchecked. Trust the Strath Pine Rads team to take a comprehensive and proactive approach.

It is time for your car radiator fix repairs

Preventative cooling system maintenance, or any other heating/cooling services, there’s no better place to take it than Strath Pine Rads. With our skilled radiator technicians, OEM parts and warranty-backed workmanship, you can count on repairs done right the first time to get you back on the road quickly and reliably in time with Strath Pine Rads as you give us a call on 07 3205 2969 or email us at right away.