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Are you getting a whiff of something sweet like syrup or radiator fluid of late when you pop the hood? Have you seen your temperature check crawling up into the red zone more regularly, even on short drives? Maybe your vehicle’s warmer simply is not blowing great and hot the colder time of year like it used to. If any of those sound natural, focus as these are indications of potential cooling system repair and malfunctioning!

Car Cooling System to Prevent Overheating in a flawed radiator

Water siphon, thermostat, or other cooling parts, while it might appear to be minor from the outset, neglecting to rapidly fix cooling framework issues can quickly become a disastrous (and insanely costly) engine catastrophic circumstance. You most certainly do not have any desire to be that individual abandoned by the side of the road with steam surging from your motor bay!

Engine Cooling System Repair indication of cooling inconvenience

You really want to hand over your vehicle to the engine cooling system repair experts at Strath Pine Rads right away. Our ASE-ensured professionals are the cooling framework specialists who have the expertise to precisely analyse all likely faults. Whether it is through cautious visual investigation, framework pressure testing, or other demonstrated indicative strategies, we will get to the base of what is keeping your engine from remaining quite cold.

Leaking radiator or Cracked hose?

Sticky thermostat? Bad water pump? Our mechanics have seen it all before. We’ll quickly identify what ails your car’s cooling system, then get it fixed right using high-quality OEM and aftermarket replacement components. Expect factory-precise repairs completed with cutting-edge tools and the latest OEM service data.

We do not stop until we fix things with Car Cooling System

Our team also thoroughly inspects the rest of your cooling system while we’re in there. Hoses, fans, heater core – if another component looks like it is on its last legs, we recommend replacing it then and there to prevent a repeat failure and overheating down the road. When we are all done, your cooling system will be restored to peak operating condition with a fresh fill of the proper coolant type and zero lingering air pockets.

Vehicle needs radiator replacement and Engine Cooling System Repair

Cooling system flush, thermostat service or any other repairs, as you give us a call on 07 3205 2969 or email us at, our team at Strath Pine Rads has you covered from start to finish. From the first diagnostic all the way through to a job completed with maximum professionalism, we will have your engine running cool, calm and collected in no time!