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You know keeping up with car logbook service is critical for maintaining its performance, protecting that warranty coverage, and ensuring safe, reliable driving for years to come. But let’s face it – who has time to stay on top of all those recommended service intervals and requirements? That’s where the experts at Strath Pine Rads come in to make your life easier!

Car Service Log Book bring your ride into our shop

Our team of certified technicians will go through that logbook with a fine-tooth comb to ensure we cover off on every service to the letter. We’re talking strictly following the manufacturer’s recommended procedures and specifications, no missed steps – just a comprehensive, by-the-book logbook service for your vehicle.

Car Service Log Book mechanics will also thoroughly inspect

To begin, we will empty out that old, gunky oil and trade in a new stock of the great oil alongside another channel to keep your engine running smooth and productive. But that is just the beginning! We top up all other crucial fluids like coolant, brake fluid, and more using the exact types and amounts specified in your car’s logbook.

Conduct a comprehensive 360-degree examination with Car Service Log Book

Our team will carefully look over every major system and component from brakes to suspension to steering and belts. You name it, we’re checking it out to identify any potential problems before they snowball into bigger (and way more expensive) repair needs down the road. 

From the dedicated tools to genuine parts and fluids with Car Service Log Book

Our team has everything needed to properly complete each logbook service according to your manufacturer’s exact standards. With us, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is getting premium, warranty-approved care. Do not skip that maintenance light or fall behind on services – stay ahead of the game with us at Strath Pine Rad Services by giving us a call on 07 3205 2969 or by emailing us at!