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Notice anything off about how your car has been driving lately? Maybe you are hearing some strange sounds when braking or an odd smell is wafting up from the engine bay. Or perhaps that dreaded check engine light is glaring at you from the dashboard again. Any car mechanical repairs you are seeing, here is the hard truth – disregarding the issue would not make it disappear all by itself. As a matter of fact, that is something intensifying the issue into a lot greater issue not too far off.

Car Repair Services tell you about potential vehicle inconvenience

Do not squander one more second. Get your car straight over to the car repair services experts at Strath Pine Rads right away! With our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and old-school mechanical know-how, our certified technicians will quickly get to the root of what’s ailing your ride and make it right to get you back on the road ASAP.

From a basic tune-up or radiator replacement to engine rebuild

There is no mechanical repair job too big or too small for our team to handle with flying colours. We have got all the specialised tools, training, and ASE certifications to properly service and repair every automotive system and component you can imagine. Brakes, controlling, suspension, electrical issue – and so on, we have seen everything previously. While you get your vehicle, we will begin by putting it through a complete digital review to check for any current issue codes and get to the base of what is happening.  

Actual assessment alongside a street test into Car Repair Services

This is what we do taking you through our discoveries and giving a forthright gauge of any suggested fixes. Straightforwardness is critical, as you will continuously know the full story and costs before any work continues.

Legit correspondence with our clients in Car Repair Services

It is just about as significant as our mechanical aptitude. Our specialists do make sense of any issues we have uncovered in transparency terms, not auto jargons. They will spread out the entirety of your maintenance choices so you can go with an educated choice for getting your ride back to a protected, dependable working condition.

Do not just ignore those signs in Car Repair Services

Funny noises, weird odour, or dashboard light any longer! At the first inkling of car trouble, get over to Strath Pine Rads by giving us a call on 07 3205 2969 or by emailing us at and let our mechanical experts get to the bottom of things quickly and affordably. With our team’s skills and attention to detail, you can drive away confidently with the repair done right.