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Listen up truckers and fleet managers – there is nothing more brutal than getting sidelined in the middle of a big haul or job due to an overheating truck. Every minute of unexpected downtime means money flying straight out the window while productivity grinds to a screeching halt. That is why as soon as your heavy-duty diesel rig starts showing the first signs of cooling system trouble, you need to bring it straight to the truck radiator repair experts at Strath Pine Rads!

Our radiator truck repair pros utilise all the latest diagnostic techniques

Specialised testing equipment is what we use to quickly and accurately assess what shape your truck’s radiator is in. Whether it is dyeing penetrant leak detection, thermal imaging cameras or good old pressure testing, we will get to the root of any radiator issue fast so you can get back on the road ASAP.

Your truck just needs a simple radiator truck repair re-core

We replace the internal tubes and cooling fins to stop a leak. Or perhaps that radiator took one too many knocks and it is time for a full new radiator assembly to be installed. Either way, you can count on our deep expertise and huge inventory of radiator cores and components from the top brands to have your repair completed as efficiently as possible with minimal downtime.

Offer so much more than just radiator truck repairs

Our mechanics are true professionals when it comes to all aspects of heavy-duty cooling system maintenance and component replacements too. Need a water pump overhaul, new cooling fan installed, or complete system flush and fill with fresh coolant? Not a problem – we’ve got the know-how and tools to get your truck’s cooling system operating like a champ again.

Radiator truck repairs depends on keeping trucks moving

You cannot cut corners on quality – period. That is why our techs only utilise premium coolants specially formulated for brutal heavy hauling use. We follow industry-leading maintenance practices like using a vacuum fill process and chemical flush methods to ensure your cooling system is 100% free of scale buildup, debris and air pockets.

Cooling system maintenance with radiator truck repairs

Make us at Strath Pine Rads your first stop. We offer awesome service perks like after-hours vehicle drop-off options and industry-leading warranty coverage on our work. Your trucks keep this nation’s economy moving – so let us keep them running cool and reliably mile after mile with Strath Pine Rads by giving us a call on 07 3205 2969 or by emailing us at!